About Me

I am 23, living in Czech Republic. I study at Brno University of Technology. Majoring in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. Software development and programming have been my passion since since I was a kid.

I like to write code in CC++Python or Bash. I would also love to learn Ruby.

I suffer from a patological urge to acquire new mobile devices, even though the one I currently have works just fine. Other than that, I play guitar and I’m in a band. I love comedy, especially sitcoms like Blackadder.

I am a part of kernel-qe in RedHat where I work on making the kernel a better place :-).

Programming Bio

It all started 9 years ago when I was 13. I was messing around with Delphi and Borland Pascal at that time. Unfortunately, my hard drive broke down, so all my work from that time is gone.

After that I dug into developing web pages. I started in Microsoft FrontPage (shame on me) and I slowly moved after gaining more experience to HTML and PHP scripting. This held me for a while, but after a couple years I switched to C. We we’re taught C in school at the time (at least I thought it was C, but it wasn’t as I found out shortly after). Learning C really opened the door to real programming for me. I started exploring ways, how to get my code from “working” to “working and also readable”.

I first heard of object-oriented programming in my PHP era (4 years ago). And I must admit, I didn’t understand that concept one bit. After that my application programming advanced from C to C++ by taking a C++ course in school and I finally got some grips with those object things. From the time on, I tried to use the OOP techniques as much as possible. It was kind of sloppy in the begining, but it gets better over time (hopefully).

The next milestone of my programming career was reading the Code Complete, The Pragmatic Programmer and other coding-culture oriented books. This kind of changed the way I look on software development. After that I worked really hard on my bachelors thesis in C++. It was a huge amount of work, but it gave me so much experience in return.

In Red Hat, my main focus is the development of the Linux Network Stack  Test as a part of the kernel-qe team. Apart from that I focus on writing my diploma thesis. This time, it will be about the Linux kernel.

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